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I can help you prepare for the birth you want. 

How is your pregnancy going? I am happy to listen to you & support you to explore any issues that are coming up for you.  

We can also craft birthplans & get up to speed on techniques for labour and birth, including homeopathy, acupressure, optimal foetal positioning, Spinning Babies, aromatherapy & rebozo. I have also recently completed my Hypnobirth teacher training with Katharine Graves, so will soon be adding this to my menu!

You can book me for a one off antenatal session during your pregnancy or for several sessions as part of a birth package We subconsciously absorb messages about pregnancy, birth and parenting throughout our lives, every time we see birth on TV or someone tells us their birth story.  Some of these messages inevitably will be negative. I can help you to challenge them. Together we can transform them into positive associations that will help you rock your birth! Sometimes mothers book a session with me to help them break through trauma from a previous birth, so they can begin focusing on a more positive birth this time.

I work on building your self-belief and confidence in your ability to birth your baby.

Millions of years of birthing evolution have gone into creating your reproductive organs and pelvis. That means that the vast majority of women are able to push their babies out naturally, given enough privacy, support and time. I have an excellent library of books and resources I can lend you to support your learning.

Individual antenatal sessions are around two hours and cost £150 plus 45p per mile travel expenses.
Antenatal sessions can also be booked as part of one of my complete birth packages.

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Essential oils for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period

Birth Planning

I am experienced at helping mothers to prepare clear and effective birth preferences documents. I use the word ‘preferences’ rather than ‘plan’ as we cannot plan rigidly for birth. I encourage women to think about their preferences for normal, consultant-led and gentle caesarean birth, so that they have thought about all these situations in advance of the birth. I can also demystify medical interventions, like foetal monitoring and epidurals that you would like to understand better.

We cannot control birth and sometimes the journey can unfold in an unexpected way. It helps to be prepared, just in case. I liken this to packing both suncream and a warm coat, for a holiday where the weather may be variable.

You can really empower yourself through rigorous antenatal preparation and accessing evidence-based information.

This will help you to be confident in your choices, should the territory take you down a winding b road towards meeting your baby.

I can help you prepare for specific birth situations, including home birth, precipitous birth, free-birth and elective caesarean birth.  Sometimes women book an antenatal session so we can explore their options with pregnancy complications such as low-lying placenta or obstetric cholestasis.  I am also happy to discuss your rights in childbirth with you as part of the session.

Individual birth planning sessions take around two hours and cost £150 plus 45p per mile travel expenses.
Antenatal sessions can also be booked as part of one of my complete birth packages.

Tips and techniques for labour & birth

I am used to coaching mothers in order to help them understand the physiology of birth. I can explain the three stages of birth, how they relate to one another and share my top tips with you. I can tell you everything you need to know about optimal foetal positioning during pregnancy and labour. I can also advise you about the best positions to adopt during labour and birth.

I am familiar with many of the positions recommended by Spinning Babies which can help correct the position of babies, including breech, posterior, transverse and babies not engaging.

I am happy to show you these as part of an antenatal session. I can also coach you through tips to birth your placenta naturally.

I can teach you how to use aromatherapy, acupressure, homeopathy and rebozo techniques to assist with your labour and birth, as well as guide you through simple comfort strategies. One of the things I like to build on antenatally, is a mother’s ability to be assertive with healthcare professionals. It is so important to be able to state your wishes and not be coerced, especially when you are in labour. It pays to practice this during pregnancy. Coupled with strong birth preference documents, I have seen many mothers claim their birth journey powerfully.

Individual antenatal sessions are around two hours and cost £150 plus 45p per mile travel expenses. They can also be done via Zoom.
Antenatal sessions can  be booked as part of one of my complete birth packages.

Mother Blessing

A sacred ceremony to mark your transition into motherhood

We aim to pamper the mama and to boost her with womanly love. The emphasis is on the mother rather than the baby. Guests prepare blessings to read to the mother or bring nature gifts. They can also bring beads to make a birthing necklace. I am often asked to create a fear-release ritual as part of the ceremony. We pamper the mother with hand & foot massage, belly casting or henna art on her bump. Tea and cake always go down well! We make bracelets together so that we have a constant reminder of our connection with the mother during the due period. I have never done two ceremonies which are the same! I design the perfect Blessing for each mama as an individual. I can add extra elements such as singing, meditation, crafting together or ancestral blessings. Sometimes, friends club together to share the cost of this ceremony so it’s really very affordable, much more than buying expensive and potentially unwanted baby shower gifts.

Planning, organising and conducting the ceremony is £350 plus 45p per mile travel expenses


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